Timy Baranoff Elementary


School Hours:  The school day is from 7:40 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for students in grades K-5.  

Attendance:  Attendance notes must be submitted within 48 hours of the student's return to school.  Please include the student's name, grade, teacher, date of and reason for absence and parent/guardian signature.  Notes may be sent to school with your student, dropped off in the front office or emailed to baranoff@austinisd.org.  Please remember, a doctor note only excuses the date of the appointment unless other dates are specified.  A note that says the student may return in 1-3 days must still have exact dates noted if there are further absences. A parent note will suffice for those additional days.

 AISD Nutrition and Food Services Information
For information regarding the new food service software, SchoolCafe, please visit their website www.schoolcafe.com and see the attached flyer.

Project HELP

Project HELP's mission is to ensure the educational rights and protections due under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act to all students experiencing homelessness. For more informations, click here.

*Updated Aug. 2018* After School Dismissal:  More information coming soon.

A.M. Dropoff Traffic Pattern:
We have requested that parents NOT use the small front circle as an additional drop off place.  The biggest concern with this practice is that it results in a bottleneck of traffic trying to merge and go multiple directions at the circle drive exit.  The bottleneck at the exit also impacts cars traveling along Gatling Gun, the safety of children trying to use the cross walk, and it also negatively impacts the flow of traffic down on Buckingham Gate trying to get into the front circle to drop students off.

We ask parents to move through the front circle drive line in one line, which will allow cars to exit more easily.  If cars will pull all the way up - to the large tree by the 2nd grade annex - we can get eight to nine cars with children exiting at any one time.

Thank you for continuing to help us with this challenge.

Below, is a visual illustrating the traffic flow for A.M. dropoff.

dropoff map