Timy Baranoff Elementary

Dismissal Changes for 2017/2018

As you all know, we are a large campus of over 1,000 students. Our goal for your child(ren) is to provide a loving, supportive, and safe learning environment. Safety is of utmost priority. We have worked on creating safer dismissal procedures for the school year.

  • What are the changes?
    • WALKERS...If your child walks, there will be designated grade-specific areas for you to meet your child.
      • 2nd grade walkers will meet parents outside the kinder wing (where kindergarten gets picked up).
      • 1st and 3rd grade walkers will meet parents outside the 3rd grade annex.
      • 4th and 5th grade walkers will meet parents outside the 4th grade wing.
    • CAR PICK-UPS...These will be in the front drive-through as usual; however, students will be sitting in grade level lines in specified areas (see the attached map).
  • How can you help?
    • Neon Green Signs - Each year you receive a neon green sign that is to be put on the dash of your car so that staff can call out your child's name when it is time for him/her to meet you. Be sure these are visible since we will be using walkie-talkies to call out names. By the time you are at the front of the line, your child should be there ready and waiting.
    • Keep the front porch area free. Please do not stand under the front awning since this area will be used for our grade level lines. It is preferable for you to wait in your car in the line; however, if you choose to park and walk to tmeet your child, please use the sidewalk.
    • Bring your patience. We wanto to make dismissal as SAFE and SMOOTH as possible. The first 2 weeks are always more hectic as students, parents, and staff are working out any "kinks" to ensure all students get home safely.

We appreciate all of your help and support in our endeavor to get all students home safe and sound!